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Blue Prime Realty’s expertise is residential investment property. Our range is extensive and all properties have been researched and meet our criteria for good/sound long term investment properties. Blue Prime Realty recognise investors have different requirements when choosing an investment property. Maximising capital growth, holding costs, juggling limited cash flow and investing in their superannuation fund can all be important to the investor.

Blue Prime Realty has a strong ability to source good investment stock. Our solid experience, innovative skills and strong relationships ensure that we have access to the best investment opportunities. We ensure our clients have access to the best possible research on property markets and can make informed decisions that give them confidence with their investment. We educate our clients specifically on what makes a quality investment property and guide them through the purchase process. It’s essential our clients purchase property that has continuing strong demand of both tenancy and sale. That means each property must appeal to owner occupiers, tenants and investors. Such properties will provide capital growth, confidence of income and income growth.

Why Property?

Property can generate the returns you need in the long run, see below some numbers.

Because it is future proof.
By 2040:


NSW population growth


WA population growth


VIC population growth


SA population growth


QLD population growth


ACT population growth

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