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At Blue Prime Capital, we approach things differently. We are not a private equity firm – but we help you create equity through strategic investments. We are not Real Estate Agents – but we believe in real estate investments to be the most effective asset for creating wealth. We are not like your average financial planners who push share portfolios and fund management – we have the experience to recognize a good and bad investment.

No matter how early or late you are in taking steps to planning for financial security, we will assist you in devising the most tax efficient financial model through Self Managed Super Funds and Unit Trusts .

So whether you’re starting with $20,000 or more than $200,000 our team has the experience, resources, connections and integrity to help you shape a better tomorrow – starting from today.

Stephen Barrow

Stephen Barrow

Stephen Barrow has been in real estate approximately 40 years, and his background brings a wealth of knowledge from his many years of experience as a registered real estate valuer and licensed real estate agent. He is a previous Director of the NSW Division of the Australian Property Institute, inaugural Chair Person of the REI’s Residential Sales Chapter and a previous Director of an Australian Real Estate Franchise Group. He was owner and principal of his own real estate practice for 25 years specialising in sales, property management and valuations. Stephen was involved with Mirvac as Acquisitions and Development manager and more recently General Manager of a Real Estate Research and Advisory firm.

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